Rules & Guidelines - SuperStox

Rules & Guidelines - SuperStox

SuperStox is a multi-market fantasy trading app that allows users to participate in fantasy stock and crypto market competitions on a daily basis. Apple and Google are not sponsors of SuperStox. Listing on respective app stores does not imply any kinds of endorsements.


1. Users can participate in any of the listed competitions across any of the markets and games listed in the application.
Example of Market: Stock Market/ Crypto Market
Example of Games: Prime 3/ Fab 5
Example of Competition: Free Practice Competition

2. Each game has limited spots and the users can reserve the spots on a first come first basis only. A spot can be filled by participating in the competition with a portfolio created in each game.

3. Portfolios cannot be used across different games. For example, a Prime 3 portfolio cannot be used in a Fab 5 game.

4. Users can play each competition with maximum permissible portfolios. For example, if a competition allows a maximum of 10 portfolios, then a user has a chance to play with a maximum of 10 portfolios. If the total number of spots available are less than the number of portfolios left with a user then the user can only use the portfolios equivalent to the number of spots left in the competition.

5. No user will be allowed to participate in the competition during the start and finish time of the competition across any game and any market

6. Users below the age of 18, restricted areas of India, etc. are not allowed to take part in the competitions and SuperStox reserves all rights to verify a user whenever necessary. During the verification process if a user is found to be against the terms and conditions and rules of the game, then SuperStox reserves all rights to disqualify a user and their winnings.

Important Points

1. The competition in each game starts and ends as per the time period mentioned.

2. Users cannot swap/edit their portfolios and Super Picks once the game is live.

3. The scores are calculated with respect to the percentage change across each competition. Please refer to the points system for detailed info on the points.

4. All percentages and prices of markets are tracked as follows:

Indian Stock Market: Zerodha API’s
Crypto Market: Binance API’s

5. The final points of a portfolio of a user are calculated with respect to a single portfolio and it is not a cumulative score of all participating portfolios of each user.